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All of our business has been done over the phone, an old fashioned twist which is a rarity these days. I've never met who I am dealing with, but the service has been excellent, as if I've known these people for years.
Quality - Availability - Service
Dennis Klassen
Hamm Construction

Friendly staff, go out of way to provide us with what we need. Needed Theodolite as soon as possible. It was hand delivered to us that day.
Phillip Holmes
Healthy & Safety
Balon Construction


The use of advanced laser and GPS technology produces faster project completion rates and allows our customers to "move dirt once." Recent studies comparing conventional construction to "Technology Enhanced" construction showed a 100% increase in overall productivity, a more consistent accuracy and over 30% in fuel savings.

Mountainview Systems has invested a significant amount of time to discover and deliver the latest technology for your jobsite needs. Our strategic partners manufacture a wide range of solutions to take you from concept to completion.


Leica iCON 80 robot

The Leica iCON iCR80 construction total station keeps its ‘eye’ on only one thing: the user’s target. Layout more points per day thanks to ATRplus, the most robust automated-aiming, lock and re-lock technology in the market. iCR80 is especially useful in congested sites with many distractions, such as reflections, machines and people moving around. Challenging and changing site conditions should not be an obstacle.

Leica iCON 70 robot

Leica Geosystems’ new construction total station, the Leica iCON iCR70, facilitates the move from traditional analogue measurement methods to modern digital layout techniques, which are a necessity within modern BIM processes and achieve the high productivity and accuracies demanded by the building construction industry. iCR70 can be used by the existing construction workforce with minimal training.


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